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The Great Morel is often asked “is it time yet?” or “are they popping in my neck of the woods?”. The sighting maps are here to see if we can’t help each other out a little bit. The sightings maps have always been a favorite and a good resource on when one might begin their foraging adventure. Below is the new and improved 2017 Sightings Map and there are seven years of the old fashioned Historical Sightings Maps below. If you would like to submit a sighting, the guidelines are simple…Zip, City, State and date found. If you want to add any additional information such as county or an image that is fine. Sightings will be posted daily during prime morel season.

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2017 Sightings Map

Most of the reports have been good for most this season…reports from the northern Midwest States have all been good with the weather seeming to cooperate for most people.  As the great morel makes its annual migration, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ontario and those way up north are saying “its all good”.  New York is being blessed with a good year as well., For most in  PA, OH, IN, IL, and Iowa its is pretty much a remembrance of a better than average year. The Pacific Northwest continues to report here and there.  2017 for most may be one of the best overall years many have seen in some time with Mother Nature lending her cooperation along the way.

There are plenty of features on the new interactive map – zoom, filter by month, full screen and more. Below the map you can find a table listing of the most recent sightings along with images and notes if they were sent – there is a “more pages” button at the bottom of this table.

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USA Morels 2017

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USA Morels 2017: 39.977120, -99.316406

Sightings Submittal Form

Click button below to submit sightings. Sightings will be posted to the map daily during the prime morel season. Please make sure you enter a Zip, City and State as all sightings will be categorized by one or all of these three (3) locations identifiers.

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