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This page shows the various morel mushroom varieties commonly found and harvested. The Great Morel will refer to these common varieties as greys, blacks, yellows and spikes.  Mycology biologists often reference them in their scientific terminolgy, but for the purpose of this page The Great Morel is simply referencing them in “shoomer” slang. If anyone would like to contribute quality photos of the various varities in their natural setting, please send them to The Great Morel and we’ll get them posted.



The Grey Variety

  • Commonly Referred Name: greys, grey sponge, light greys.
  • Season cycle: These are typically some of the early risers in the morel season.
  • Size: can range in size from 1/2″ up to 4″
  • Given scientific name: Morchella deliciosa





The Yellow and Cream Variety

  • Commonly Referred Name: yellows, cream, white, sponge, blondes, light greys
  • Season cycle: These are typically mid-season through end of season.
  • Size: can range in size from 1″ up to 12″  These are the largest morels found
  • Given scientific name: Morchella deliciosa, esculenta



The Blacks and spikes Variety

  • Commonly Referred Name: Blacks, Spikes, Peckerheads, Cows’ Heads, Dog peckers
  • Season cycle: These are typically early to mid-season. Blacks are usually early while the spikes can be found throughout the season
  •  Size: can range in size from 1″ up to 4″  (spike can range up to 6″)
  • Given scientific name: Morchella semilibera, angusticeps, elata, conica, deliciosa




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