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Links relating to Weather, Soil and Precipitation, and Trees

A collection of sites that may help you in determining the correct conditions for your morel expedition. You’ll find maps relating to weather, soil conditions, soil moisture and The Great Morel’s current ‘Sightings’ map. All of this just for those of you who wish to analyze to the deepest of levels in an effort to find the ever-elusive Great Morel.

  • The Trees of the Morel – Understanding and identifying the trees of the morel is discussed in this blog post. Morel hunters take pride in their ability to identify trees and other foliage while searching for morels. This article by The Great Morel helps new and seasoned morel hunters in the tree identification process.
  • The Science of Morel Mushrooms – The Great Morel introduces you to the science behind the morel mushroom. Digging in to the details of how mycologist and morel enthusiasts are helping all of us have a better understanding of the morel mushroom.
  • The Great Morel Sightings  – Map compiled by The Great Morel showing confirmed reported findings for the current year and years past.
  • Historical to date Morel Sightings  – historic map compiled by The Great Morel showing confirmed reported sightings (2004-2006).
  • US Department of Agriculture Crop Explorer – United States Department of Agriculture’s Crop Explorer web site has a very wide range of maps for weather, precipitation forecast, and soil conditions.
  • US Department of Agriculture Foreign and Regional maps – United States Department of Agriculture’s Foreign and Regional web site has a wide range of maps for weather and soil conditions. search by geographical location all around the world.
  • GreenCast Online  – GreenCastOnline offers this nice soil temperature map.
  • NOAA – National Weather Service  – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service is a product of the National Digital Forecast Database, produced by NOAA’s National Weather Service. Lots of maps for all kinds of weather related topics.
  • NOAA – Climate Prediction Center  – The Climate Prediction Center’s has a series of maps showing most recent day, monthly and 12 months calculated soil moisture, anomalies and percentiles; 25-year average soil moisture & soil wetness that are used in the soil moisture outlook.
  • OPLIN Tree Identification – The Ohio Public Library Information Network brings you this great site to help you identify trees. Tress you ask? Well, here you go. Great site too!