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The Great Morel has one of the most wonderful, broad-ranged recipe page on the Internet, yet for those of you looking for more, here you go. The Great Morel has hand picked a select listing of web sites hosting morel recipes beyond those published on The Great Morel’s recipe page. These hand selected sites will surely delight taking you straight to the source while keeping with the philosophy of The Great Morel.


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Recipe and Food Links The Great Morel’s Recipes – if you haven’t visited The Great Morel’s Recipe page then you’ve missed the best of the best. A cookbook full of fantastic recipes which are sure to please.

  • –  Health Starts in the Kitchen is a food blog site all about healthy cooking. “…popular healthy cooking and natural lifestyle blog, Health Starts in the Kitchen and has authored cookbooks; Without Grain and Fermented Foods at Every Meal. Converting “everyone’s favorite foods to healthier versions, proving that eating healthfully doesn’t have to be depriving.”
  • –  Grow Forage Cook Ferment inspires naturally minded people to live with the seasons, become more self-sufficient, and protect their health. You’ll learn every aspect of getting plants, herbs, and flowers onto your table and into your medicine cabinet…the old fashioned way!
  • is all things cooking with some great recipes for all. A food blog site with everything cooking related, from recipes to cookware.
  • Earthy Delights – Where Great Chefs Buy. – “Earthy Delights is America’s premier supplier of specialty foods to quality conscious American Chefs.” They have a great collection of recipes for mushrooms and truffles, along with a recipe of the week.
  • Country Kitchen Magazine – Available online and by subscription. This magazine has featured two of The Great Morel’s recipes in the past and is a great source for a huge variety of culinary ideas.
  • The Morel Mushroom: Recipes for Fun, Memories, & Tenderloin from Northern Michigan – a blog post on the joys of morel hunting and a great recipe to top it off.
  • Muscoda Morel Mushroom Recipes – Muscoda hosts an annual morel festival every year and offers up these recipes. Including a morel gravy among others.
  • Wild Harvest – a very interesting site on Morels, Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks. A web site worth the visit!
  • The Forager’s Wild Food Field Guide and The Fungal Gazette – offer up these morel recipes along with other mushroom recipes. Lots of interesting recipes here.
  • Wildman Steve Brill – Learn from one of New York’s Best-Known Naturalist, “Wildman” Steve Brill. His research into natural food preparation first led him to begin studying wild foods in the early 1980s. Check out his book and enjoy the fruits (and berries, nuts, seeds, roots, herbs, greens, mushrooms, and seaweeds) of his experiments in this entertaining, practical field guide to natural foods preparation.
  • Woofers Mushrooms – this site has mostly chanterelle recipes but you will find morel recipes as well.
  • Modern Living Magazines – Modern Living Magazine’s morel recipes.
  • The Recipe Source – RecipeSource is the new home of SOAR: The Searchable Online Archive of Recipes and your source for recipes on the Internet.
  • The Mushroom Council – The Mushroom Council has a wonderful searchable recipe page, showcasing “the distinctive flavor and meaty texture of fresh mushrooms. Choose from three hundred original mushroom recipes, including lots of great-tasting vegetarian dishes.”
  • Team-Morel – Team Morel’s goal is “to give you two main dishes and two side dishes for Fall and Winter and then again for Spring and Summer.” This site has a small listing of a handful of recipes highlighted with a “kicked up” soup.
  • Forest Mushrooms, Inc. – Forest Mushrooms, Inc. is a Minnesota company engaged in the research, cultivation and distribution of edible (cultivated fresh, harvested wild and dried) specialty mushrooms. They have a nice listing of some very unique recipes such as “Morel and Smoked Oyster Sauce.”
  • Vas’s Mushroom Recipes – Vas has compiled a nice range of recipes for a variety of mushrooms, morels included. Highlighted by a “Penne with Peppery Broccoli and Morel Sauce” entrée.
  • Melissa’s/World Variety Produce, Inc. – is currently the largest distributor of specialty produce in the United States. This web site has a searchable recipe index for a variety of mushroom recipes, as well as an online store to purchase products.
  • S & K Holding Company Inc. – S & K Holding Company Inc. is a business development corporation for the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes of the Flathead Indian Reservation located in Northwest Montana. Listed among their handful of recopies is a Morel Quiche.
  • Louise Freedman and the Mycological Society of San Francisco – A MykoWeb and MSSF Page with several interesting morel recipes. One may wish to try “Stuffed Morels, Japanese Style” or “Steamed Morels”
  • The Gilded Fork – Food Philosophy, Sensuality and Sass. What does this have to do with morels? Take a look and you’ll find a recipe or two using morels in a very unique way. A very interesting site and a must see for the shoomer who not only loves to cook morels, but enjoys the finest in cuisine. (site uses Google search to search their site)
  • Epicurean Foods International -Creating quality Canadian gourmet foods and gift baskets for gourmet chefs around the world. Gourmet pasta sauces, teas, fine chocolates, exotic oils and vinegars, maple syrup, corporate and retail gifts and more. There are no morel recipes on this site, however, you will find a handful of mushroom recipes.
  • Buy Morels! – offers products for the morel chef, which include gourmet flavored olive oils, herbs, and other gourmet foods. There are no recipes on this site.
  • Millard Family Mushrooms – Wild Mushrooms by Millard Family Mushrooms; located in Waldport Oregon, distributes wild forest fungi to the mushroom loving masses. A small page on mushroom recipes, including “Wild Mushroom Lasagna”, which you could easily substitute with morels.
  • Gourmet Mushrooms and Mushroom Products – there are not any recipes on this site, but they do carry gourmet flavored olive oils, herbs, and gourmet goods relating to morels and mushrooms.
  • Pacific Rim Mushrooms – primarily a supplier of great tasting wild mushrooms (including morels) and other forest products from the west coast of Canada and the United States. You will find a few good recipes such as “Roasted Asparagus and Morels with Shallot Butter “
  • The Morel Mogul – you will find several tasty recipes for morels. Also a place you can purchase fresh morels and a variety of edible mushrooms (in-season). One such featured recipe is “Crab Stuffed Morel Mushroom Caps”
  • Oregon Mushrooms – Oregon Mushrooms provides you with a large variety of edible gourmet fresh, dried wild and cultivated mushrooms. Also markets a variety of cooking oils and powders for your culinary needs. The site does not contain its own recipes, yet has links to other sites containing recipes.
  • The Food Network – “Grilled Polenta with Morel Vinaigrette” recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay is one of the recipes The Food Network offers. Do a search on morels and discover even more.
  • Oyster Creek Mushroom Farm – another supplier of dried mushrooms, mushroom powders, flavored mushroom oils and gift boxes from the coast of Maine. Has several recipes for mushrooms in general, yet one could easily substitute with the morel.
  • Delicious Organics – a small family-based company offers a wide variety of organic and natural food products. Site has a section on mushrooms and morels, and offers a couple suggested recipes one such is a “broccoli cheese dish”.
  • FungusAmongUs Gourmet Mushrooms – has a line of dried cultivated and gourmet mushrooms. Offers dried Mushrooms, dried truffles, organic dried soup mixes, seasonings, marinades and rubs. The have a recipe page highlighting some of their products. Try their “Morel Bisque” recipe.
  • Colorado Culinary Blog – Claire Walter is “a Colorado-based, award-winning travel, food and sports writer who was just bitten by the blogging bug late in 2006. Fueled by an interest in the constantly changing culinary scene from my research while writing “Culinary Colorado,” a food-oriented guidebook to my state and wanting to keep writing about restaurants and cooking, I launched this food and restaurant blog called culinary-colorado.”
  • Easy Online Cooking Recipes – The Easy online cooking website by Ika on the internet coz the online cooking recipes are not so hard to follow. Ika’s contains simple and easy kitchen tasty cooking recipes which will appeal to busy people who like to cook out of the ordinary, easy to prepare food made from fresh, inexpensive ingredients.
  • Can You Microwave This a site that quickly tells you whether or not you can microwave certain foods or materials(added April 2018)
  • Lost Past and Remebered Blog Site – A wonderful blog site with some of the most fantastic morel recipes. A site for those looking to do more with their morels then a simple deep fry. (added April 2010)