Tree and Tree Bark Gallery

Below is a collection of tree and bark images of some of the more popular trees morel hunters seek out. Anyone who has additional images please feel free to send them in and share with others. Also, do not forget to read the blog post The Trees of the Morel.


Read "The Trees of the Morel"


It is important for all morel hunters to become knowledgeable of the woods and environment around them – the trees, the direction of the sun, the vegetation, precipitation, temperatures, and the makeup of the land around them. The more you know, the more successful you’ll be and the more morels you’ll hopefully find. Learning to identify the trees of the morel may be one of the most crucial bits of knowledge to help bring you that success.


For another great resource, check out Russell Tree Experts page on leaf and bark identification.


Read "The Trees of the Morel"

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