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Greetings all, from the mythical Great Morel ™.

The Great Morel™ welcomes and encourages feedback and input, as it is the contributions of the many great shroomers from all around the world who have helped make The Great Morel one of the best morel resource sites on the Internet. Since the birth of The Great Morel clear back in 1999, it has been blessed with visitors who contribute good content and it is often said – it is through those contributions that has made it the iconic morel mushroom site it is today.

The expectations and standards within these pages have long been Photo courtesy of T Wankwhat sets The Great Morel above the rest.  In order to continue to hold to the expectation which all the visitors have come to expect, those standards continue to become higher. If you plan on sending images to share, they must meet the stringent measurements of quality to which The Great Morel deems worthy. Stories are meant to be shared and shall withstand the same scrutiny in an effort to make one’s visit an enjoyable one.

The Great Morel welcomes link exchanges and continues to scour the depths of the world wide morel web in search of morel and mushroom sites in order to place a realm of information at your finger tips.

Morel hunting enthusiasts will be super excited about the new Great Morel Store.  You will find some very cool stuff that should excite the morel hunting enthusiast everywhere.  We will continue to add new items to the store and it is with hope that everyone is thrilled with the unique gifts soon to arrive.  Click here to check it out.

The Great Morel will continue to rely on the contributions of those who visit to enhance the exchange of information.  The website was created with the contributions of its visitors – the stories, the recipes, the humor, The Great Morel Information Exchange Group, and the images are all a result of the contributions of fellow shoomers from around the world.  It has been the philosophy of offering a browsing experience with no gimmicks.  One might say, “The Great Morel website is the gathering place of these contributions – to be shared and enjoyed by all who visit.”

Your participation is welcomed and encouraged.  As The Great Morel expands its interaction with the great morel hunters out there, it is with hope that you will add to the morel experience for all who visit.  The Great Morel is truly  a collection of years of contributions and simply put – that is what makes The Great Morel.


With that said, The Great Morel thanks you and welcomes your feedback as it revives itself from its hiatus.

The Great Morel™



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