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The Great Morel™ extends a very warm welcome to all its morel mushroom hunting visitors! As most of us eagerly await the arrival of spring and the great morel – the 2020 season has officially began!  Yep, the first early reports just came in from Georgia (Feb 20), and the morels are making their migration north. Mother Nature was really kind early on and has been cooperating for most, but the morels are being challenged in mid-April as the weather has cooled for a period of time. The anticipation and reflections of the morel seasons is now a reality for many. As the 2020 season progresses, may everyone be blessed and enjoy what Mother Nature bestows on us  – the annual ritual of the hunt for ever-elusive great morel.

it is about the annual ritual of the hunt for ever-elusive great morel


As the 2020 season continues to kick in gear, morels are being reported in most of the southeast and are slowing migrating north and the good news is most early reports are positive! The following southeast and southwest states of TX, OK, GA, MS, AL, TN, NC, SC, and KY are and have had success. PA, and WV are on the map with early black morels and some early little grey morels. The early weather seems to be kind and cooperative for most this season as Mother Nature is being kind.  Many are reporting early too, so everyone may want to think about hitting their spots earlier than normal. We’ll keep you updated here as the season progresses. A quick summary of the 2019 season…which was a decent year to remember for most, can be viewed at the  2019 Season Summary report. As we all know, the 2019 season was once again a testament to the successes and failures of a morel season and how much nature and the weather can play havoc on the life of the morel.  You can check out the sightings page for a summary of the season in the various regions of the US and Canada.


The Great Morel™ was created by enthusiastic and passionate morel mushroom hunters for enthusiastic and passionate morel mushroom hunters. Visitors in search of resourceful information won’t have to look hard to find it. As for those who are wondering “what the heck is this shroom’n crap all about?”  you will certainly have a better understanding after poking around a little bit. 


Known as one of the most resourceful compilations of information on morel mushrooms on the Internet, The Great Morel™ is all about morels. You will find one of the most extensive listing of morel links, where you can find everything related to the great morel.  Add to that a bit of good humor, some great stories, and some of the most beautiful images –  let’s just say you’ve got a great place to enjoy a morel moment.



Thanks to the contributions of many, Patch of yellows morelsThe Great Morel™ has compiled what may be the single largest morel recipe collection,  which is sure to delight the taste buds of all. For those shoomers who are seeking ways to preserve their morels, hit the morel preserving page  to learn how others are doing it. Check out the stories and tales page for interesting stories submitted by loyal followers of The Great Morel™. If you are in search of answers to the mysteries of the great morel, visit the frequently asked questions page or new and popular Facebook Group – The Great Morel Information Exchange Facebook Group where you can share your insights with other morel mushroom hunting enthusiasts. (note: The Great Morel will be phasing out the web page Forum heading in to the 2020 season, apologies to the old school forum members.)


The Great Morel™ was created by enthusiastic and passionate morel mushroom hunters for enthusiastic and passionate morel mushroom hunters.


The Great Morel’s Blog Posts and Articles have some very interesting information and articles on all things morel.  Covering topics from tips to in-depth research articles – there are some very interesting posts. So make sure you take your time and read some of the posts. Start wandering around to see what you can find. Enjoy your stay!


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The Mini-Image gallery below are some of the recent images sent in to the Sightings Map in this 2020 Season.

For a complete showing of all the morels in their natural setting sent in during this season, check out the 2020 Sightings Gallery.  Also check out the Sightings Maps and all of the other great photo galleries 

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