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The Great Morel™ extends a very warm welcome to all its morel mushroom hunting visitors – and the 2018 season is upon us and the morel sighting reports are coming in daily!

The Great Morel™ was created by enthusiastic and passionate morel mushroom hunters for enthusiastic and passionate morel mushroom hunters. Visitors in search of resourceful information won’t have to look hard to find it. As for those who are wondering “what the heck is this shroom’n crap all about?”  you will certainly have a better understanding after poking around a little bit. 

Patch of yellows morels

The Great Morel™ is known as one of the most resourceful compilations of information about morel mushrooms on the Internet. You will find one of the most extensive listing of morel links, where you can find everything related to the great morel. Add to that a bit of good humor, some great stories, and some of the most beautiful images –  let’s just say you’ve got a great place to enjoy a morel moment.

Thanks to the contributions of many, The Great Morel™ has compiled what may be the largest morel recipe collection, sure to delight the taste buds of all. For those shoomers who are seeking ways to preserve their morels, hit the preserving page to learn how others are doing it. Check out the stories and tales page for interesting stories submitted by loyal followers of The Great Morel™. If you are in search of answers to the mysteries of the great morel, visit the frequently asked questions page or check out the forums.


Start wandering around to see what you can find.  Enjoy your stay!


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The Mini-Image gallery below are some of the recent images sent into the Sightings Map.

We’ll keep these fresh throughout the season – also check out the other great photo galleries.