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Did you miss or delete your Great Morel Newsletter?


The Great Morel has you covered! Then again maybe you’re just not in on the action yet. Well, you are still covered – The Great Morel will post links here to web page versions where you can review or go back and read what you may have missed.

The Great Morel will list an archived version of the Newsletter 1-2 weeks after it was  sent out to the Newsletter Subscribers and the Sightings submission folks. The Great Morel is undecided as to how this is going to work going forward, but for now here are the 2020 Newsletters.


2020 Morel Season Newsletters

April 2020 Newsletter
May 2020 Newsletter
June 2020 Newsletter


To register for the newsletter to get released to your email, it is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is one of two things – register for the newsletter or submit a sighting to the map within the last or current morel season. If you do one of those two things then you are good to go.  That is it!


If you would like to get involved on The Great Morel’s social media then here are the links:


The Great Morel would like to thank all who are a part of The Great Morel family!



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