June 2020 Newsletter

The 2020 Morel Season has slowly passed most morel hunters by. While there are a few folks who are still in search of the ever-elusive great morel, most have witnessed another season pass us by. Once again, Mother Nature played her role in either blessing or wreaking havoc on the morels. Sadly, it is a phrase reverberated each and every year and The Great Morel hopes you were blessed not cursed.

The early morels to the south loved the weather they were blessed with and most shroomers had a great year. As the morels made their annual push north, many struggled and it was not so good. A deep freeze in mid-season for some, and not enough rain for others seemed to be the complaints. There will be a season ending recap up on the web site in mid-to-late June with all the regions highlighted. Anyone wishing to send in their regions recap is welcome to do so.


If you didn’t have time during the season then make sure you find some time in the off-season to check out the great articles on the web page – Articles and Blogs.

Blog Posts and Articles

Winner Winner Morel Dinner…

While this contest was made public only to newsletter subscribers and sighting reporters, there is a winner! The “Morels in Nature” photos reported to the Sightings Map were incredible to say the least! The Great Morel had to put over 2500 images through the selection process, so it was not an easy selection.

The Great Morel is proud to announce the winner is: Ray R., from somewhere near Smithfield, PA. Ray’s really cool photo will be the new puzzle available in the fall, and for his great photography work of capturing this fine cluster, along with the puzzle of his photo, he will also receive a hat, t-shirt and hand-carved deer antler key chain from The Morel Store.

To Ray we all say – “nice shot!! ”

The runner-ups below come to you from Kelly S, from Stevenson, AL, and Zack W from Battle Creek, MI. For their great shots, they will be rewarded with a hat and a hand carved deer antler key chain.

Kelly S, from Stevenson, Alabama

Zack W. from Battle Creek, MI



The Great Morel is gracious to everyone for the great photography work sent in to the Sightings Map all season! And hey, these puzzles are the real deal too…super high quality stuff, so get one of these on your Christmas shopping list now!.




Recipe idea for the month – “Stuffed Morels”

This month’s newsletter highlights another great recipe courtesy of David in Moline, IL. – “Schreibers Stuffed Morels

According to David, “…I have a recipe you may like. It’s a bit rich and flavorful, but it’s a favorite for us with a meal or as an appetizer. I refined the recipe from one I use for mushroom caps. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try it. I honestly think this appetizer could bring $50.00 a plate in Chicago. I think you will agree. – Happy hunting!


The entire recipe can be found on the More Morel Recipe Page.

A Special Thanks to all…

The Great Morel would truly like to send a very special thank you to all who have contributed this year. Your sighting reports, your patronage by purchasing items from The Morel Store, and your sharing of stories allows The Great Morel to continue to provide content to morel hunters throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Great Morel is sincerely thankful to be such a big part of your love for morel hunting and is privileged to celebrate the morel season with all of you. To all the newbies who have joined this year by finding your “first morel ever”, The Great Morel and morel hunters everywhere welcome you to our family.

Another huge thanks goes out to our social media following too! Our Facebook Group –The Great Morel Information Exchange Group exploded this season topping over 9000 members. The interaction with those who share the passion of morel hunting was unbelievably good. The Facebook page and the Instagram postings this year were fantastic as well. The Instagram weekly specials with Clump Day, PSA’s, and Dinner and a Movie were all made possible because of the contributions from all of you!

It says a lot about those who contribute throughout the season and help make up The Great Morel family!


The Great Morel will continue to add meaningful content to the web site. There are a couple of really interesting research post which will be in the works in the off-season. It should be exciting for the analytical shroomers out there.

As the thoughts of wandering in the woods for morels fades with this season passing, remember The Morel Store for some pretty unique gift ideas for all your occasions – birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and for that matter, any day of the week.


Finally, with all the sincere thanks and appreciation’s out of the way, The Great Morel wishes each and every one of you – good health, prosperity, and a happy off-season!

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