2020 May Newsletter

The 2020 Morel season has bestowed itself on much of the US, and while some have watched a really good season pass them by, many are kicking it in high gear and enjoying a bountiful harvest! The early morels in the southern states were being found a week or two early, but Mother Nature seems to have put them back on a more normal time cycle. As most know, a season is often determined by the kindness or evils Mother Nature bestows on the morels.

For those who are trying to get their live’s back to normal, lets hope hitting the woods allows us to reflect on the simple things life offers us. That said, The Great Morel reminds us all to be kind to others, help those who are in need, and practice good social distancing for a bit longer.

The Great Morel posted a new blog post on the web site – Foraging for Morels and Wild Edibles. While many head to the woods in the spring, we typically think of morels yet there are many other wild edibles to be found. This article introduces you to a few of the more common wild edibles that make their appearance along with the morel mushroom. For the seasoned forager, these are very familiar, but to others this is a great introduction and should give you a really good kick start. The Great Morel would like to thank Wild Edibles for the expertise in contributing to the content.


Check the other great articles on the web page too…as The Great Morel likes to say “lots of good stuff” – Articles and Blogs.

Blog Posts and Articles

The Great Morel would like to thank everyone who continues to contribute to the content by sharing their knowledge with The Great Morel community!

Puzzle Award Reminder…

Reminding everyone The Great Morel will be awarding the “best-of-the-best” photo submission to the The Sightings Maps and awarding a pretty cool prize to the winner at the end of the season. The morel photography coming in thus far has been really spectacular and looks like the bar is set high. Keep in mind the winning photo of “morels in nature” will be used to make a puzzle which will be featured in the “Morel Store”. If your photo is chosen, you will receive a free puzzle (of your photo), along with a hat, t-shirt and hand-carved deer antler key chain so take your time and get that perfect photo! If you haven’t checked out the past year’s puzzles check them out now in The Morel Store.

Sightings Maps



Preserving and Recipes…

In this crazy time we are all living in, our typical morel feast which takes place with family and friends is not quite the same. It is however, still a time to share your morels with others. Many of you are saying to yourself – “what?”, but yep that’s right. If you can’t fire up the cast iron skillet and host your annual gathering, then maybe look at ways to preserve them until you can. The web page has lots of preserving ideas and the new preserving article to help you stash a mess for later consumption. If you are down for a mid-summer morel fry, then it might not be a bad idea to read up on how to make sure you do it right.


More morel recipes


If you want venture beyond a skillet, then check out this featured recipe from Linda C who offers up a French classic of Sautéed Morels with Cream.

According to Linda, “This classic French preparation is from my husband who learned years ago from working in a European cuisine restaurant. He is an Executive Chef trained in many styles of cooking. The ingredients are easy to find except for veal stock which must be made by roasting veal bones for hours, perhaps a good chicken stock could be used instead. Enjoy!

The entire recipe can be found on the More Morel Recipe Page

The Great Morel’s Social Media…

The Great Morel is happening out there in the social world. The contributions of so many great morel hunting enthusiasts has really made the entire online community an enjoyable place to share your passion and knowledge on morel hunting. Check them out – Facebook and The Facebook Group – The Great Morel Information Exchange Group on Facebook and don’t forget about Instagram. Get the word out about all The Great Morel brings to this spring pastime.

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