2021 April Newsletter

By most accounts the morels are right on time and will be arriving in a woods near you soon. With the long winter coming to an end and the signs of spring popping up everywhere, that excitement of the hunt for the ever-elusive great morel draws near. The early reports to the Sightings Maps were a bit slow at first but are starting to kick in gear as the season moves along. There is no doubt morel hunting enthusiasts everywhere are eagerly awaiting the morel’s arrival in their neck of the woods!

“BAMM!  I’ve got two over here!”

Morel Gear…

Morel Hunting Gear” is the latest morel article/blog post up on the site now. For most seasoned morel hunters, this listing of gear may be common knowledge but for those who are somewhat new to this unexplainable spring time passion, this article is worth the read. When we all head to the woods, our gear and tools of the trade are as important as our understanding of the morels. Make sure you take some time and read some of the good articles which will surely help you find more morels. Check them out on the web page – Articles and Blogs.

2021 Sightings Photo Contest…

As stated in the March Newsletter, The Great Morel is running the “Morels in Nature – Sighting of the Year” photo contest this season. This contest is officially open so make sure you take the camera with you into the woods. The best-of-the-best photo submitted to the Sightings Map of “Morels in Nature” during the 2021 season will be crowned the winner with some pretty cool morel gear from The Morel Store. This contest is made public only to newsletter subscribers and sighting reporters.


Last years winner was Ray R. from PA, and his photo can be found on the new puzzle – “Mossy Magic” in The Morel Store now.

The Great Morel is thankful to everyone for the photography work sent into the Sightings Map year after year – so thank you all!

Recipe Suggestion of the Month…

Morels with Cream – this month’s recipe selection comes to you courtesy of Claire Walter. Claire is a Colorado-based, award-winning travel, food and sports writer who was just bitten by the blogging bug late in 2006.

Claire’s take on Morels with Cream is a delicious and easy to make dish worthy of serving to your finest guests. Simple ingredients, easy prep and easily served over pasta or sauteed or poached chicken breasts make this recipe a winner. You can find her recipe on the “More Morel Recipes” page.



If you have a great recipe you’d like to share with others in the morel hunting community, then send it to The Great Morel.

Recipe Page links:

Still Cleaning House…

There are still some good deals left on select clearance items in The Morel Store. Make sure you hit the store and grab some deals before they are gone. The hot new item of the season is the Mossy Magic puzzle which has been super popular since hitting the store in February. Head on over to The Morel Store for your goods and gear.


Introduce a newbie…

The Great Morel has always encouraged others to share in the experience of morel hunting. This season take it upon yourself to teach someone new and introduce them to the joy of searching for the great morel. Take a friend, a loved one, a grandchild, or a work buddy and head to the woods. Most morel hunters understand the often unexplainable sense of excitement when spring arrives each year and it brings us the morel. Share that with someone and teach them what you know. You don’t have to lead them to your “honey hole”, just get them out and wonder through the woods. You’ll be glad you did!

Final Thoughts…

Always keep in mind to take care of your hunting grounds. What you take into the woods make sure you bring out of the woods. There is nothing more frustrating than finding garbage and trash deep in the woods near your mushroom patch – lets all take care of it!

Here is hoping Mother Nature is kind to you and your morels this season! Remember, take a friend or family member and head to the woods and enjoy this wonderful spring time forage! Stay healthy too!


Happy and successful hunting!

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