2020 April Newsletter

As most know, the 2020 Morel season is in full gear for lots of folks out there! While some are enjoying the bountiful harvest of morels, there are others who are sadly are watching their season pass them by, and others who wait patiently. The reports coming in thus far are all positive and many are reporting morels earlier than usual.

That said, everyone needs to hit your spots early – go take a walk in the woods and practice proper social distancing morel style. As we are all going through this crazy time The Great Morel would like to strongly encourage everyone to take this serious, practice your social distancing, and together we’ll kick this thing! It takes all of us to do our part.

New Blog Post on Preserving Morels…

The Great Morel just posted a new blog post on the web site – The Complete Guide to Preserving Morel Mushrooms. From the looks of some of the early successes, there are many of you who will find this very resourceful. A great preserving article which gives you all the insight on how to properly keep your morels. So check it out and check out many of the other great articles on the web page – lots of good stuff – Articles and Blogs.


Blog Posts and Articles

The Great Morel would like to thank everyone who continues to contribute to the content by sharing their knowledge with The Great Morel community!

Giveaway and Puzzle Award…

This season The Great Morel will be awarding the “best-of-the-best” photo submission to the The Sightings Maps and awarding a pretty cool prize to the winner at the end of the season. The winning photo will be used to have a puzzle made of their photo. The winner will receive a free puzzle, along with a hat, t-shirt and key chain package. Some of the years past puzzle selections are on sale now in The Morel Store.

Morel puzzle perfect patch


Words of Thought…

The Great Morel would like to remind all of us in this crazy time of the Corona virus, to practice good hygiene, safe social distancing, and most of all to help our neighbors. For many, there is this feeling of uncertainty, however, if we all do our little part we will kick this thing and get our lives back! Sadly, this means limiting our usual gatherings where we share our morels with others. Instead, take a fresh batch over to Mom and Dad, or the neighbor, or friends and family. Be safe – keep healthy!

Our daily Instagram posts are going out to everyone. The Great Morel will post the best-of-the-best morel pics as the season progresses and there have been some good ones already. Submit your photography work and see if you make the cut.
The Thursday weekly “Public Service Announcements” have been going out and these are sent with the intent to inform, educate and share in important morel hunting information. If you have an idea for a good PSA, don’t forget to send in your suggestion.


The Great Morel’s Social Media connections…

The Great Morel is super excited about the growth of our social media platforms. Become a part of it and enjoy The Great Morels community. Plenty of ways to get involved – Facebook and The Facebook Group –The Great Morel Information Exchange Group on Facebook and then there is the Instagram. Everyone share the word with others and let them know what The Great Morel is up to.


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