The Science of Morel Mushrooms

The Great Morel is about to expose the science of morels by sharing in-depth knowledge about our beloved morel mushroom. Mycology experts and morel enthusiasts have brought the morel mushroom to a new understanding. From the self-taught mycologist, to the degree holding mycologist, the mycology experts and morel enthusiasts have brought the morel mushroom to […]

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Foraging for Morels and Wild Edibles

Spring time for morel hunting enthusiasts is often described in many ways, and often can be summarized as a ritual. The rebirth of nature as it wakes from the winter freeze brings the coming of the ever-elusive great morel mushroom. While most morel hunters only set out to forage this prize mushroom, there are many […]

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The Complete Guide to Preserving Morel Mushrooms

Preserving the morel mushroom is wonderful problem to have, however, preserving morels successfully is the key. The Great Morel is about to let you know just how easy it is to preserve morel mushrooms successfully and to enjoy your prize find long after the season has ended. From dehydrating morels, to freezing morels, to good […]

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Morels in the Various Regions of the US

finding morels in the various regions of the US

Most of us know our morel mushrooms and for many – we know them well. How well? There are those with self-learned morel knowledge based on years and years of experience. There are those who understand the importance of the weather, and the seasonal cycle, the trees, the hunting techniques, and more. How about we […]

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Those We Teach and Those Who’ve Taught

Teaching others about morel hunting

The Great Morel has always understood the importance and value of sharing the morel hunting experience with others. Those we teach and those who’ve taught us are what leaves us with invaluable memories etched in our minds. It is those memories of those who taught us and impacted our love for hunting morels that make […]

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Identifying the False Morel

While The Great Morel website is intended to be somewhat of an enjoyable experience and not to be used as a mushroom identification page, this page takes exception to that. The “False Morel” is the most confusing and often times most misidentified species of the morel family, therefore, this page is intended to be taken with the […]

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