The Life Of A Great Morel

Beautiful shot of a young grey

The Life Of A Great Morel…. The Great Morel™ has been fortunate over the last 20 years of being able to help morel enthusiasts better understand this spring time fungi. Part of that understanding is to understand the morel life cycle and existence in the world. With contributions from those who have taken the time […]

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Growth Cycle

Life Cycle of the Great Morel…. The one most often asked question morel enthusiast ask and wonder…”I wonder how they grow”?  This page attempts to help answer that question along with giving a better understanding of the morel’s life cycle.  As you well know there are many variables to the life expectancy and growth of the morel […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the most frequently asked questions relating to the morel mushroom. From hunting and harvesting, to cultivating them yourself – consider it an attempt to disclose some of the mysteries of the often elusive morel. Many of the questions are geared toward shroomers who are new to the experience, others are questions […]

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