Harvesting Morels Properly

Harvesting morels correctly

What is the correct and proper way to harvest your morels from the earth? The technique used to harvest and bag your morels is often debatable, and at times controversial among some morel hunters. Pinch, cut, pluck and bag your morels – it is really just that simple? Does it matter which technique you use? […]

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5 Tips for Finding More Morels

health benefits of the morel

5 Tips for Finding More Morels   1. Timing is Critical Depending upon your location in the country, the morel mushroom hunting season can start anytime from mid-March to late June. Unfortunately the date of the first sighting in your area can vary by several weeks each year so you can’t count on finding them […]

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Into The Woods

Before you head into the woods in search of the ever elusive morel, browse this page for some pretty good advice and things to keep in mind when you are out there. Here you will find a few suggestions and tips on how to avoid and minimize the risks sometimes associated with being in the woods […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the most frequently asked questions relating to the morel mushroom. From hunting and harvesting, to cultivating them yourself – consider it an attempt to disclose some of the mysteries of the often elusive morel. Many of the questions are geared toward shroomers who are new to the experience, others are questions […]

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Welcome to The Great Morel

The Great Morel™ extends a very warm welcome to all its morel mushroom hunting visitors! The 2022 Morel Mushroom Season has slowly passed most of us by and a season of ups and downs it was. The deep Southeast states kicked us off in the early weeks of March and the morels made their migration […]

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