Cross Section Images

 This page shows two cross section images – one of a yellow morel and one of a grey morel.  The first is of a small yellow morel and the second image is of what is referred to as a grey morel. Take a moment and examine the stem and how the cap is attached to the stem. The yellow and grey morel’s stem is hollow. You can view images of all the edible morels on the varieties photo page as all of the images on those pages are of the edible variety. If you haven’t already visited the False Morel page then click here and make sure you visit the additional false morel photo page of the false morel.


Cross Section of yellow morel

                                Cross section image of a light yellow (cream) morel. Photo courtesy of Bern and Jen Ruse, Rock County Wisconsin

Note the black spot are nothing more than pieces of dirt. The image above of a light yellow (cream) morel is safe for ingesting.  This image is intended to show the difference between a good morel and a false morel. For more on the false morel check out the Identifying the False Morel page.


             Cross section of a grey morel


For more on False Morels click here. If you haven’t already visited this page, then it is a great source for more information and photos to help you identify this ugly fungi. For additional photos click here