Contest Rules and Submit

Contests Rules and Guidelines

The Great Morel is kicking off the 2021 Morel Season with one seasonal contest. The Great Morel is unofficially declaring this contest as the “Morels in Nature – Sighting of the Year” contest. The best-of-the-best photo submitted to the Sightings Map of “Morels in Nature” during the 2021 season will be crowned with a Great Morel Hat, T-shirt, Morel Deer Antler Key Chain, and have their photo used for the 2022 Puzzle. So keep in mind when you are out foraging – take the camera! This contest is made open only to newsletter subscribers and sighting reporters.

To qualify, you must submit your photo via the the Sightings Report. The winning photo will be determined at the end of June. Two Runner-ups will be rewarded with a hat and t-shirt of their choice. Highlights of previous contest winners can be viewed on the Contest and News page.   For those of you who contributed in the past – thank you!



The 2021 Contest is officially underway with a photo contest of “Morels in Nature”

Send along your best photo of the morel in it’s natural habitat. It is about capturing the morel where it calls home.



Rules (because every contest has rules):

  • You may enter as many times as you would like for each contest.
  • One entry per sighting reports.
  • Your email must be registered to the Newsletter. Click here to register to the Newsletter.
  • Judging will be done by The Great Morel and all decisions will be considered final.
  • Winner and two runner-ups will win free gifts from The Morel Store.

Each winner will also be highlighted on on the web page.

The small print and legal stuff goes like this: All photos must be original – no copyrighted images/photos are permitted. All submissions become the property of The Great Morel and The Great Morel reserves the right to post your submissions and/or content on its web site.


Use the submit form below or you can email at  and in the Subject line of your email add ‘Photo Contest’

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Stay tuned and make sure to join the Newsletter to keep informed.

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