2019 Morel Season Summary

The 2019 Morel Mushroom Season Summary


Well, after the highs and lows of the 2019 Morel Season…we are not sure where we’ll start – it was filled with mixed results as are most seasons.


As always the southern region kicked it off and while the reports were not as bountiful as the 2018 season – which was a great year for the southeast states by many accounts – this region still had a pretty good year in 2019.  Especially the state of Virginia, where shroomers reported finding the morels in the month of April and lots of them too.  The state of Oklahoma had a good year, although the reports were not as heavy as years past so it is difficult to give a thumbs up or thumbs down.  The southern part of Missouri – which seems to be the King of the Southeast was once again on top of it along with Kentucky and Tennessee.


It might be a good time to mention there was a clear line when the weather was spot-on for much of the lower Midwest states and the Atlantic Coast states..  It is almost as if there was a line drawn across the middle of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois over to Pennsylvania  and Virginia.  The middle to southern parts of those states just killed it this year.

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That said, we shall continue. Kentucky,Tennessee, West Virginia, and North Carolina all seemed to have a decent year and the sightings maps reflect that. It is a tough to tell if many shroomers will say it was truly memorable but, all-in-all it was a good year and Mother Nature cooperated.


Now when we move up the map and slightly to the west into the states of Nebraska, and Kansas it was a challenge. The early spring rains caused havoc and health risks for some as many were hit with flooding and setting water, both made the morels toxic in some areas.  Really sad for those who lived through it. The Great Morel and the morel community’s heart and thoughts go out to those who were impacted. Truly not a year to remember morels when there are much bigger issues these folks had to deal with.


The lower states of the Midwest are where many have called it “the best year in a long time”.  The temperatures and timely rain made for a pretty darn good year.  There were times it seemed like it might be to much rain for these folks but some of the reports were impressive and the morels were loving it.  As stated, there was a line drawn across where the weather worked to the morels delight and shroomers were rewarded.  Then about a week into May just as the morels were making their way up into Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Iowa, a sudden change in mood from Mother Nature.  Not that she spoiled the season like the unusual cold snap in 2018, but she did throw a big old curve ball at a good week or so of the season.  The northern Midwest states could be summed up with an average season yet some may say a little more precipitation then they would have liked.

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The Northeast was a hit and miss too. Here again, the weather took a bad snap the early part of May then seemed to cooperate a little better as the season moved along the rest of the way. It was the above normal rain in this region at times just when the prime of the season was in that made the season a challenge.  As Susan in Hammond, New York summed it up…”Rainy cold spring. Found on 18 May when normally they crop up in April.”  So yes the Northeast shroomers were dealing with some of the un-timely weather.


The West and PNW region is always difficult region to summarize.  Folks in California who were reporting the “non-landscape” morels shared fairly good reports especially in the Central Valley region and the northern region of the state such as the Shasta Cascades.  Those who reported for Colorado this year also seemed to be having success.  The PNW is difficult to gauge with many shroomers hunting the burn sites and those reports did not come in this year as in years past.


Finally, to our shrooming friends north of the boarder….the reports from these folks we pretty good for the most part.


In closing,  keep in mind this is the ten thousand foot view of the 2019 Morel Season.  Is it spot on?  Ummmm…pretty close but if your season was better or worse then the summary above, don’t take offense.  Lastly, may everyone’s off-season be filled with the things in life that make you happy !


2019 Morel Sightings Photo Gallery

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2018 Morel Sightings Photo Gallery

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