2019 Morel Sightings Gallery

This photo gallery showcases some of the great morel photography work by your fellow Shroomers during the 2019 Morel Season. All images in the gallery were submitted to the Sightings Reports and hit the map.  Year after year, The Great Morel receives what it determines to be some of the most fantastic photos of the morel. These great shots come from various regions all across the US and are not in any particular order.  From Georgia to Oregon, from Vermont to Minnesota, and every woods in between,  folks have captured beauty of the morel in lots of ways.  The Great Morel attempted to make sure there is a wide variety of shots in the gallery.  They truly are worthy of sharing and many will make it to other photo galleries once the season comes to an end.

Check out the 2018 Morel Sightings Gallery for some of the 2018 season’s great photos!

Enjoy and a huge thanks goes out to all who contributed to this season’s gallery!