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This page contains what was to be a series of photos showing the life cycle of a morel patch. Unfortunatley Mother Nature threw a blanket of cold upon the midwest in the spring of 2007. So what was to be a study of life, turned out to be a study of the death of a morel patch.

These photos and the log of events that follow are courtesy of Scott Keller from western Illinois. The Great Morel had asked Scott if he would photograph his patch and chronologically keep data. As you will see it turned into a study of a different kind.

Here is Scott's storyline:

Here is our first little cluster that my friend and I stumbled upon, the largest morel was the size of a quarter, I didn't think to put one down for the picture, but if you zoom in at the babies you can see one is so new and small it does not even have a cap on it yet! I took this photo today (4/5/2007) near the Mississippi river in Missouri.

note from The Great Morel: this photo is available for download by clicking here.

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...unfortunately mother nature felt it necessary to unleash a crazy cold snap and high winds. I took a photo of the same cluster at almost exactly the same angle plus a top view even though they were dying, also I had to clear a leafy view that was obstructing the shot. I thought you may find this interesting of what a sudden cold snap did to this and many other clusters out here. Our temperatures were: 4/5/07 (high 42, low 26), 4/6/07 (high 32, low 25) and today 4/7/07 (high 46, low 26). Please note that on 4/3/07 our temperatures were at a high 70 and had dropped 32 degrees the next day.

after the cold snap

Top view

top view of same patch above

Although...on the other side of the tree we find growth that has survived healthy from 2 days ago with new growth which must have come up during yesterdays high of 32 (4/7/07).

Natural variety other side of tree

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