Decaying Morel

Decaying morels….

You probably ended up here after reading the Growth Cycle page of FAQ on “What is the life cycle or how do I know when to pick them?” or you already know what a bad spot looks like and you ended up here by mistake. Regardless, you are here and below are a great pair of images showing a decaying spot on a yellow morel. Note the discoloration and decaying taking place along the stem and just under the cap. You also should be able to see the moldy white creaming texture setting in. This type of decay is not an uncommon trait on the yellow morels – another indication the morel is a bit sickly. Don’t fret though! As stated on the FAQ page, this morel is not a total waste as it can easily be properly cleaned by trimming off the decomposed section and the rest is saved! Scroll down and see the entire batch of morels and you will see the distinct differences and characteristics between healthy and not-so-healthy.




Note the characteristics of the healthy morels in this same batch compared to the ones with the bad spots.
Much thanks goes out for the contribution of this photo submitted by Matt H. of Delhi, Iowa in Delaware County



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