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Schreibers Stuffed Morels

Courtesy of David S - Moline, IL
Hello, what a wonderful site you have. I have a recipe you may like. It's a bit rich and flavorful, but it's a favorite for us with a meal or as an appetizer. I refined the recipe from one I use for mushroom caps. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try it.
I honestly think this appetizer could bring $50.00 a plate in Chicago. I think you will agree. - Happy hunting!
Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Bake Time 20 mins
Total Time 1 hr 10 mins
Servings 4 people


  • glass baking dish (9x9)
  • large skillet


Morel Ingredients

  • 15-20 morels - good size slice in half
  • non-stick cooking spray
  • 4 tbsp real butter
  • ¼ cup onion - finely chopped
  • 1 clove Fresh garlic - (medium sized)
  • 3 tbsp spinach - finely chopped

Stuffing Ingredients

  • 4 tbsp cream cheese
  • ½ cup finely chopped crabmeat (imitation stuff works great here)
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 egg - lightly whipped
  • 3 tbsp seasoned bread crumbs. - not cracker crumbs
  • ¼ tsp lemon pepper
  • 2 slices crispy bacon - finely chopped.
  • ½ cup Italian blend or Monterey Jack cheese - shredded


First the Preparation

  • As soon as I get the little darlings home, I cut off any bad stuff and split the Morels in half. I then soak them overnight in salt water. This loosens dirt and drives out the bugs.
  • Re-hydrating the mushrooms to their full potential produces more Morel broth during cooking.
  • Select enough Morels so the caps will cover the bottom of a glass pie dish. Rinse mushrooms and let them drain for an hour or so. "We don't want them dripping wet."
  • Spray your baking dish with nonstick spray. Spread a thin layer of real butter evenly across bottom of dish.
  • Cut off Morel caps and save the stems for later use. Arrange Morel caps to cover bottom of dish with the inside part of mushroom facing up.

Schrieber's Stuffed Morels

  • Preheat oven to 400°f
  • Use 1/2 of your finely chopped Morel stems here.
  • Add 4 tbsp. real butter, finely chopped onion, the fresh garlic and the finely chopped spinach (for looks)
  • Sauté over medium heat all of the above items until liquid is simmered away.
  • Now add the following:
    Add the rest of your finely chopped Morel stems. along with the cream cheese, finely chopped crab meat (imitation stuff works great here), brown sugar, egg, seasoned bread crumbs (not cracker crumbs), lemon pepper and the 2 pieces crispy bacon finely chopped.
  • Mix all these ingredients together and spoon into Morel halves.
  • Cover stuffed mushrooms with a light blanket of Italian blend or Monterey Jack cheese.
  • Bake in preheated oven at 400° for 20 minutes. You may want to turn on the broiler for just a bit at the end to brown the cheese on top.
  • Let stand for five minutes and enjoy.
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