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A unique and amazing utilization

Courtesy of Craig
Last year I had a fantastic morel hunt. Even giving some away and eating till I was bloated, I was faced with a preservation dilemma. Here's the story of what I did (it's the RESULT that make this unique).


  • Cut in half lengthwise and clean (dollar store nylon brush slightly larger than a toothbrush), using as little water and scrubbing pressure as possible.
  • Large ones get cut in half lengthwise again.
  • Standard home dehydrator, 12 hours minimum.
  • When thoroughly dry, store in airtight kitchen canister.

Resulting Usage

  • Went on a week-long canoe trip three months later. While sitting around the campfire drinking beer, we placed large pinches of dried shrooms between our cheeks and gums (like a baseball player with chewing tobacco). And just left 'em there.
    It takes awhile, ten minutes or so, for your saliva and the heat of your mouth to re-hydrate the shrooms to where they start releasing their flavor, but once the process gets going... WOW! More than an hour of continual, INTENSE shroomy goodness per "chaw."
    We actually stopped drinking beer so as not to attenuate the taste experience (and getting me to stop drinking beer in camp usually requires a gun and a badge).


Note well: You must resist the temptation to use your teeth... what we have here is time-released shroom juice.