Morel Hiking Stick – Hardwood Twisted 60″ (#3)


Rare naturally twisted morel hiking stick with beautiful 4″ hand carved morel on top. The beautiful naturally twisted section really stands out giving this one of a kind hiking stick loads of character!

60″ tall


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This rare naturally twisted hiking stick has large beautiful 4″ hand carved morel on top.  Made from eastern hardwood, this hiking stick has loads of character!  The natural twist is formed when the honeysuckle vines wrap around a young tree and remain through years of growth.  It is rare to run across such a perfect specimen as this to make a hiking stick.  After sanding and finishing of the stick is completed, the stick is given to a local Ohio artist to carve a beautiful morel on the top.

This is a sturdy, solid stick and will surely last a lifetime. This fine hand-crafted stick comes complete with leather wrist strap and removable rubber base so it can be used either in the woods or on pavement.

Each of the hand-carved hiking sticks on The Great Morel are unique and each have a one of a kind morel carving – crafted exclusively for The Great Morel by J. Linn, a talented local Artist.

Great collector piece or gift for the mushroom hunter.

  • 60” tall
  • 1.5 lbs.


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