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In 2018, The Great Morel started a Facebook group which took off pretty quickly and is the venue of choice by most for exchanging dialog with fellow morel hunters. That being said, we will be phasing out the Forum after the 2019 season.


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Best Indoor Morel G...

Best Indoor Morel Growing Kit?  

New Member

Morels are a thing I and my husband love and we decided to try growing our very own but haven't had luck yet.

However, my sis sent me a resource three months ago on the best morel mushroom growing kit and after reading it, I bought a kit and tried my hands on it.... Now, it seems to be working and my mush is growing well as per the instructions.

Has anyone tried growing theirs? How was the experience? Any pro advice on multiplying them rapidly?

Posted : 21/05/2019 10:09 am

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